Truck bed spreaders, UTV bed spreaders, Tailgate spreaders, tow behind or walk-behind spreaders - SnowEx has them all!

From Heavy-Duty snow plows to Regular-Duty and Light Truck plows; straight blade; hinged blade; V-Plows; Pushers - SnowEx Snow Plows are Built on Your Terms

SnowEx Cut Their Teeth as Contractors​

The origins of SnowEx® are very familiar to their customers. That’s because they spent years as snow and ice fighters before becoming a manufacturer. They've done their share of all-nighters. They’ve dealt with those dreaded 3:00 a.m. equipment breakdowns. Simply put, They’ve walked in your boots. And that unique perspective goes into the development of every solution they offer.

History of Innovation

The history of SnowEx is a long list of innovations. Low-maintenance motor/transmission drive systems, v-box spreaders with corrosion resistant poly hoppers, a wireless-controlled utility spreader, the job-tracking Salt-Traxx™system for hopper spreaders. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with what they’ve done … and what they will do … to give you more productive, longer lasting, easier to use equipment solutions.

Large Line of Snow & Ice Equipment

With a wide range of spreaders, sprayers, plows and other related tools to fight snow and ice, SnowEx not only offers equipment you need to do the job – they offer something that perfectly fits your unique operation.

Less is More

No engines. No pulleys. No sprockets. No belts. No chains. That’s what you’ll find (or, rather, won’t find) on all SnowEx granular spreaders. Their electric drives combined with their patented auger systems feature much fewer moving parts than competitive spreaders, meaning much less that can go wrong when you’re on the job.

Two Year Warranty

We believe SnowEx equipment is the most reliable on the market. That’s nice, but it doesn’t mean much unless they’re willing to back it up. So, in 2001, they became the first to include a 2-year parts & labor warranty on all equipment. From that point until now, they’re doing much more than just claiming reliability…they’re guaranteeing it.

Truck Bed, UTV Bed, Walk-Behind, Pre-Wey Systems, and the Brine Pro 2000 - SnowEx Liquids tools are built for a wide range of applications.